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What is ExtraShip Wallet?

ExtraShip wallet was design for those who are shipping frequently, whether you are an eBay seller or you are shipping occasionally. Entering your credit card information every time you create shipment can be cumbersome and slows down shipping process. Imaging you have to create 40 shipment in interval, you will be spending approximately 23 minutes and 33 seconds. Yes we counted the time ☺. We went back to drawing board and tried to figure out how to reduce time while shipping. First few tries we came up with cool features but those cool features did not reduce any time. Thus, ExtraShip wallet was born and it gave customers tremendous time saving option.

To keep it simple as much as possible here are the steps to use ExtraShip Wallet:

  1. Create an ExtraShip account – ExtraShip offers several ways to create account. You can use your Gmail, eBay, Facebook login information, you can also create separate login credentials.
  2. Wallet Balance – On the top right corner click on “Wallet Balance: XX”. Once you click, it will navigate to refill page.
  3. Refill – Make one-time payment for the amount you will be spending on your shipment. Good rule of thumb is to include 10% more from what you ship normally, this will avoid inputting you card on your last shipment.
  4. Comeback – If you have remainder balance, you can always come back and use the remainder balance.

To server our customer in most efficient manner, our goal will not stop at ExtraShip Wallet. We will introduce more features that helps our customers. Along the way we will be making mistakes, but reality is we are already making a mistake if we are not trying. Rest assure ExtraShip will always be customer oriented not cool feature oriented.

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