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What is ExtraShip Referral Program?

ExtraShip referral program was introduce when several customer wanted discount for referring someone. At that time we gave flat discount, but we didn’t stop there, not only we gave them a discount we got them into our referral program. Since it was a beginning of the referral program we had to do it manually. We finally built a system that tracks all the referral you have referred to.

ExtraShip referral program is quite simple, whether you refer to a person or business both you and the person you are referring gets a discount. Here are some benefits of referral program:

  1. You will get $2, when your friend registered with your referral code and your friend will get $5 as a Sign Up bonus.
  2. It does not stop here, You will get 1% of the first order of your referred account.


  1. Do I have limit on number of friends I refer?
    • No, we do not place any limit to anyone. The more you refer the more you save on your shipping.
  2. How do I enroll?
    • Login to your account.
    • Navigate to Referral wallet.
    • Once you click referral wallet, you will have option to invite.
    • Enter the email address for the person or business you are referring to.
    • Email will be sent to the person or company you referred to.
    • Using that email, receiving party must sign up for the Extra ship account.
  3. How do I know whether the person I refer to printer the label?
    • Our algorithms will identify if the person you refer to printed the label. Due to our customer’s privacy we are not able to show you any details of the details of the shipments they are shipping to.
  4. How long will it take to receive credit to my account?
    • Credit will be applied, as soon as they printed the label and the shipment is in transit. Credit will be applied to your referral wallet.
  5. What kind of details ExtraShip can provide me about referral shipping?
    • On your ‘My referral’ page, you will see number of shipments that was created by the referral party.
  6. Can I convert my referral wallet into cash?
    • Unfortunately, you cannot convert referral wallet to cash. Referral wallet can only be used towards your shipping. This does not mean we will not give cash in future, we are currently working on that.
  7. Will I get a credit if the person I am referring to refers someone?
    • Unfortunately, we do not offer any credit if the person you are referring to refers someone else.
  8. Can I use my referral wallet with other discounts?
    • Of course, we want all our customer to save as much on their shipping needs. Promo codes are welcome with referral wallet.
  9. Will I still get a referral credit if the shipment is returned/lost?
    • Yes, whether the shipment is in transit, lost, or any scenario for which shipment did not reach its destination we will still give credit.
  10. How often do ExtraShip audit the shipment status?
    • We audit all the shipment on daily basis to provide best customer service possible. We want to ensure all the packages reach the desired destination.
  11. Will the current referral program change its terms & condition?
    • Yes, to give better customer satisfaction as well as more benefits we will change the terms & condition. ExtraShip will inform you in advance if there are any referral program changes.
  12. Are there any service restricted to this program?
    • The only service that is restricted is USPS domestic and International. You will not get credit if the referral party prints our USPS label.
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