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Shipping & Packing 101

How do I pack a shipment?

Whether you have to pack small things or huge package, the idea remains the same in most cases. If it fits it can ship. There are range of different items one can ship, but when it comes to packing there are always questions like: will it fit in the box? What box should I use to ship? Is this the right box that I am using? and so on… There are so many type of boxes or packaging material, which one should you go for?

To answer these questions specifically we will need the contents of your package, however the good news is we will give you general guideline to help you decide on your packing needs. Lets take a look at most common example and general guideline

  • Envelopes – There are several different types of envelope that you can use to pack, in most cases the uses of the envelopes are documents and very small items. Most common types of envelopes are:
    • 4 1/8" by 9 1/2" Envelopes – Are usually used for personal or business shipping, this type of envelope are used for documents that are folded in thirds. And usually does not have any type of priority, and used with USPS shipping.
    • 9” by 12” Yellow Envelopes – If you do not wish to fold your documents, use this size of envelope. This envelope is generally used for business/personal documents that does requires the documents to be straight. Can be used with USPS, FedEX, and UPS. We do not recommend this type of envelope mainly because it does not have good durability.
  • Bubble Mailers – Bubble mailers Envelopes are used for very small items, If you have small items like cell phone charger, small office stationery or any small items that fits in the envelope. Can be used for documents as well as non-fragile package, however if the envelope thickness exceeds carrier’s envelope thickness requirements then it will be charged as package rate rather than envelope rate.
  • Flat Rate Envelopes – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for documents, generally used for business documents. Envelopes are very durable, rigid, and cost free. Flat rate envelopes carries flat rate depending if you are shipping domestic or internationally. Weight does not impact any shipping cost in most cases.
  • Tubes – Tubes are used for shipping posters, blueprints, architect designs, or any abnormally large size papers that does not fit in envelopes or boxes.  USPS, FedEx, UPS provides you with free tubes. If you are shipping smaller posters rather than big
  • Boxes – There are several different type of boxes you can use to pack your shipment. There is no certain size of box you should use, size depends on the item you are shipping, the larger the item the larger the box. To pack any box, basic things requires are
  • Kraft Paper – are much cheaper option than peanuts or bubble wrap. Benefits of using Kraft paper are:
    • Brand opportunity – If you are running small business, and you want to increase your brand awareness, Kraft paper is one of the way you can use. Printing logo on the kraft paper and using that paper to pack every shipment.
    • Environment friendly – Using paper rather than using plastic packing material can definitely help the environment.
    • Cost Effective – Kraft paper are much cheaper than other packing materials per cubic feet. Cost of kraft paper per cubic feet is around $1.06 vs. $3.13 for packing peanuts.
  • Bubble Wrap – is one of the popular packing materials is being used in the market, and the most common reason for using bubble wrap is to protect against shock waves. We recommend of using bubble wrap for fragile items. You can use bubble wrap for packing other things.
  • Packing Peanuts – Are also great options to use as a packing your items.
  • Newspaper – This is not recommended for business, but if you are shipping personal then use this option. Newspaper is much cheaper than any packing supplies and does the same exact jobs as kraft paper.
  • Tape – use a good adhesive tape to hold the box together.

How to pack the shipment?

  1. Measure the items – if you are packing single item, measure the Length by Width by height. This will help you decide the size of the box to use.  If you are packing multiple items gather all the items and measure length, width, and height. If this does not work then go old fashion, start dumping in the box until you figure out the box to use for shipping.
  2. Pack – Once all the items are in the box, take a look at the box and check if there is empty space. If there is an empty space, fill the empty space either kraft paper, peanuts, or any other packing material. Having empty space can damage the shipment during transit. If you are shipping fragile items please: URL
  3. Tape – Once everything is pack, now it’s time to tape the box from the top. Tape the box in “H” shape. Use tape dispenser if you are shipping regularly, it will help you save time and money in long run.

Most common question during packing

Que : In order to save money can I tape 2 boxes and ship the package?

Ans: Yes, but we do not recommend it at all because during transit due to weight the box can split, package will be lost.


Que : How do I know which packing material to use?

Ans: If you are shipping fragile items then use bubble wrap, any other shipment use kraft paper or peanuts as long as there is no space in the box.


Que : Can I reuse the shipping box?

Ans: Yes, in most cases we recommend to use shipping box. If you are shipping fragile items then we recommend to use new box.


Que : Do I have to use packing supplies listed above?

Ans: No you don’t have to, anything that stops the contents of the package from moving will suffice. If you are shipping for business, please pack the box professionally as possible. Professional packed box will not hurt your business, but unprofessional packed box will have lasting impression on your customers.


Que : How do I know what size of box  to use?

Ans: Know the length, width and height of the box. Once you know that, it will be easier for you to choose the box


Que : Do it matter if I use off brand shipping supplies?

Ans: No, it does not matter as long as boxes and supplies you use is durable.

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