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How can you save money on shipping?

Whether you are looking to deliver merchandize to your online customers or send a care package to your loved ones across the country, using shipping services is probably your best shot at a hassle-free experience. But dealing with shipping and shipping cost can be an arduous task especially for individuals and small business. Well, saving oodles of cash on shipping services isn’t rocket science, either!

There are several ways you can save money on shipping with ExtraShip. You are already getting great discounts on your shipping needs, whether it is UPS, FedEx, USPS, or DHL rest assure you will get bigger end of the stick.

Here are several ways you can save money on shipping:

  • Use Flat Rate Shipping rather than calculated shipping – Of course you have an option to choose your own boxes, but using flat rate shipping will save lot more money than using your own boxes. Any of these currier services have flat rate boxes, good rule of thumb is if it fits it ships. To order flat rate boxes select one of the links. UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS.
  • Know your weight & use scale – UPS, FedEx, & DHL rounds off to nearest pound, however USPS considered ounces as well. If your package is light weight, don’t guess the weight put the package on weighing scale. It can make differences as much as $5 per package.
  • Reuse shipping boxes – reusing boxes can also save quite a bit, just be sure the box you use for your packaging is not torn, ripped or damaged in any form. If the box is torn, contents may come out and may cause possible damage. Since the package will stop at multiple points and might get handled roughly, be sure to apply tape thoroughly.
  • Look out for ExtraShip promo code – There are several ways you can find promo codes. Following are the places you can find promo code:
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  • Invest in a good label printer – If you are a frequent shipper, then label printer can be great investment. It can save lot of time and money, Imagine if you do not have label printer and you have to print labels for 200 packages. Label printer will take about 5 minutes where as you will have to manually print out labels using manual printer and stick it to box. Some of the best label printer is DYMO Label Writer 4XL, Zebra LP 2844 or printer that prints out 4x6’ labels.
  • Ship in bulk – if you have one package it’s understandable, however if you have multiple shipment going to same place, shipping cost per package will reduce dramatically. With ExtraShip you will have ability to ship multiple packages at once, while using different shipping carriers.
  • Inaccurate declaration or inaccurate declared value - can cause huge hassle for any shipper. Most common perception is inputting incorrect information will save on shipping. Well that may be true but, if your package is stopped it is even huge hassle. We highly recommend you to input accurate information with right declared value especially for international shipment. For domestic shipment if these Currier companies find inconsistency in your package contents, they can stop your package. If you are sending international and if the destination country find inconsistency they may seize your package.

These are the several ways you can save money on shipping, as you may have noticed packing has lot to do with shipping cost. For more information on packing please visit:

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