Extraship Wallet Recharge

As they say rightly Long Term relationship has always sweet fruits.

Get 5% EXTRA on every time you deposit $100 (or more) in Extraship Wallet

Yes.. You have read it correctly

Get another 5% EXTRA every time you deposit another $100 or more

What is ExtraShip Wallet and what are the benefits?

ExtraShip wallet saves you time and money
If you are using ExtraShip Wallet you doesn't need to enter payment details each time during book a shipment

Recharge your Wallet

How to Recharge

To deposit amount to your ExtraShip Wallet, log in to your account, go to your "My Profile" page and click on the "Wallet Balance", which is in the top right. This page will allow you to deposit your Wallet.

Next time, when you book a shipment, there will be option of "Extraship Wallet" using which you can process your order on faster and safer way.

Extra Wallet Benefits

Extraship offers extra bonus amount who use ExtraShip Wallet. When you top up $100 or more, we'll add an extra 5% to your wallet balance.

Happy Saving and Faster & Safer Transactions.

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