Terms & Conditions

By using this website or as a user of this website, you acknowledge that any use of this website and its services including any financial transaction you make is subjected to our terms and conditions below:

Common Definitions

  1. “The Company” means ExtraShip.
  2. “Consignment” means any kind of package (excluding prohibited packages) which may be received by the company from any user or customer to deliver at one address for delivery. Consignment can be made up of several separate packages.
  3. “Third Party Carrier” means the carrier which is use by the company in order to receive or deliver consignment.
  4. “The Collection point” means the address from where the consignment is to be given by third party carrier.
  5. “The Deliver point” means the address where the consignment is to be delivering by third party carrier.
  6. “Sender” means any named person who is present at the collection point to accept collection of the consignment
  7. “Receiver” means any named person who is present at the destination to accept the consignment or has authority to accept the consignment on behalf of receiver.
  8. “Customer” means any named person who accepts the terms and condition and pay for their order and services offer by the company.
  9. “Working Hours” means Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm excluding bank and public holidays.

General Terms

  1. The company have contract with third party carrier which will be use to deliver the consignment/s.
  2. The company never comes in direct contact with the consignment/s so it is mandatory to provide the correct parcel to correct collecting agent when parcel is collected.
  3. By entering the details of consignment like dimensions and weight you are telling us those details is correct. Any changes in the dimensions or heavier in weight are subjected to additional cost which will be charged to you. Details provided by you are meant to be correct even if you are not packing the consignment at your end.
  4. Some of the area which will be considered as remote area will have some subcharges which will be calculate at the time of booking. If any point re-delivery is needed due to wrong information provided it will leads to additional chargers.
  5. The customer or sender is the responsible person to ensure that the consignment do not contain any prohibited items. It is the sender or customer responsibility to ensure that the consignment is packed in ways that minimize the risk of damage or loss. Please go through the section of prohibited and restricted items for more details.
  6. The Third Party Carrier or the company have rights to refuse the consignment/s if it does not compliance the clause mentioned in prohibited and restricted items or if it does not meet the packaging guidelines.
  7. The company has the rights to refuse or cancel any order is case of any dummy information or fraud or misbehavior.
  8. It is necessary to approach the company in case of any queries or concern who will then contact relevant third party carrier.
  9. Consignment might be return back to you if receiver refuse to accept, error made by sender or for incomplete address or it receiver is not available.
  10. No refund will be given if the consignment is return back due to wrong or incomplete address or if receiver refuses to accept.
  11. Return cost might be applied before returning the consignment back to sender if it is return due to above such reasons.
  12. The customer must keep the copy of receipt which will be provided after transaction.


  1. The cost will be laid in delivery charge if the first attempt is made to collect the consignment from the relevant collection point by third party carrier.
  2. In case of adverse weather, the parcel collections might get re-schedule without charge to the customer or sender
  3. The third part carrier will collect the consignment within normal working hours.
  4. If the third party carrier is not able to collect the consignment due to wrong address or no one at collection point then extra charge might be applied for attempts made to collect the consignment.
  5. In order to track the parcel the customer must keep the record of tracking number provided.


  1. The third party carrier will make total of three attempts to deliver the consignment to relevant delivery point during normal working hours.
  2. After three attempts is made by the third party carrier the consignment will be deliver back to sender and appropriate charge will be applied for the same.
  3. The delivery time will start when the consignment is with third party carrier not when the collection time start
  4. The delivery to remote area might get delay by 24-48 hours due to occasional local services.

Cancelling an Order

  1. Order cancelled before collection is made will be subjected to total refund.
  2. The cancellation made after the collection is made will be subjected to cancellation chargers
  3. The cancellation should be given by sender in writing for us to consider the cancellation and work on refund is required.
  4. All refund will be processed within 2 weeks

Kindly go through the Packaging Guidelines and Prohibited or Restricted items sections in order to protect your consignment from refusal or rejection.

The third party carrier or the company reserves the right to do minimal inspection of contents but not obliged to open and inspect, or scan by means of x-ray and package tendered to for transportation at any time.

The terms and condition mentioned as per company policy and it solely company responsibility. The agreement shall be construed in accordance with laws and the courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any matters arising out of this Agreement.

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