Packaging Guidelines

Follow below general packaging guidelines for you to prepare your parcel for shipping :
  • Use corrugated box with intact flaps.

    Tip: The box should be good quality one and for delicate and expensive items, use hard-wearing double-wall boxes.
  • If box is new and haven’t used yet, follow below instructions otherwise get rid of any labels, warning signs for hazardous materials and other previous marking on the box first.
  • Original address label (main label) with complete delivery and return information should be stick outer side of box and duplicate label should be kept inside package.

    Tip: The printed Documents includes Main Label, which needs to be fold from three side and stick to make pouch, in where rest of all documents should be kept.
  • The size of box should be kept according to item’s size needs to be shipped. The box should not be too big, small or over filled.

    Tip: The box should be not too big or over filled as in case of big box it may get collapse or in case of over filled, it may burst.
  • Wrap all items separately and do not use string or paper over wrap and place all items at appropriate distance and items should be in centre of box from all sides.
  • In case of delicate items, please choose right cushioning and place the item on the bed of cushion and it must be in the center of box with at least 3’’ cushioning around it.

    1. check out table for right cushion.
    2. Now with ExtraShip, Customers can have extra security on their parcel by paying minimal charges. Check rates for extra Security.
  • When shipping bottles that contain liquids, make sure they are placed up right. Use an inner seal and perforated breakaway cap, with an inner packaging that must be able to contain leaks.



  • ExtraShip provides safest shipment but its customers responsibility to wrap and pack the items well so it cannot be damage on the way and these guidelines are for providing information for your convenience only.
  • It is also customers responsibility to ensure that measurement and weighting has been done correctly and provide correct information.
  • Please refer Weighing & Measuring Guidelines for weighing techniques & Prohibited and Restricted Items for items that cannot be shipped with us.
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