U.S. Door To Door Parcel Collection & Courier Delivery Service

There wouldn't be much benefit in using ExtraShip if you had to go to nearest Post Office or Courier store to drop off package.

What is the Benefits of Door to Door Shipping Service?

Easy Pickup & Delivery Services

Less leg work for recipients overseas

Nothing to organize or worry about from your end

Packages are completely safe, secure and custom cleared

Turnaround time is equally as quick!

Can my package collected from my home or office?
  • Yes, You can Compare Shipping Prices from different courier services and can choose Cheapest  Parcel Service which are providing pickup service.
  • You need to enter dimensions of your packages and enter collection & delivery details.
  • Courier which you have choosen will picked up your package from entered collection address and delivered it to your entered delivery address.
  • We can say that, It is really easy door to door package delivery service.
What if Post Office isn't in walking distance?
  • Don't worry, Using door to door package delivery service you can save fuel if Post Office isn't in walking distance.
  • Even courier will pickup your package from your home, whether Post Office or Courier Store is in your neighbour.
What if my package not deliver to recipient address?
  • You doesn't need to take tension, It was never happened in our history and It will never happened in future.
  • We are countinuesly keep our eyes on your packages.
  • It you found any trouble related to your packages, you can contact us on support@extraship.com and you can also create claim for your package.
Is my package picked up in rainy or snowy weather?
  • You don't have to brave the USA weather. Any types of weather (wind, shine, rain or snow) our couriers will collect package from you.
  • Of course, courier service may be affect in extreme weather.
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