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Tips on Selling Unwanted Gifts in New Year

7 Ways to Turn Your Unwanted Gifts


On each and every Christmas and on special occasions, we get many gifts from our friends and family members but those gifts are not always what you expected or things that you really wanted from your dear ones due may be they are not good listeners or because of miss communication or your grand parents are not good at selecting or buying gifts and that ends up with lot of unwanted gifts that we don’t want to use.

Whenever you open your store room looking for useful things, you always come across these unwanted gifts which sometimes irritate you as well. However it’s not that if something is not useful for you is also same for others like famous saying, “your trash is someone’s treasure”. Even, I look for garage sale because sometimes you find useful things in those sales at very cheap price hence you can do same and sell those unwanted gifts online.

You can take advantage of boom in eCommerce business and can sell your unwanted gifts online. There are almost all eCommerce web-stores give you opportunity to sell your things online weather it is used or just unwanted anything.

However selling things online is not easy these days because of competition in eCommerce business hence you have to list your items in a way that people get attracts to your offer and buy your stuff. Here are some tips on selling unwanted gifts in New Year for first timers and even business men/women whom want to increase selling.



What do you plan to do with unwanted New Year gifts

Here are four ways to turn those Unwanted Gifts in New Year

1. Do the Market Research

By suggesting to do the market research, you must be like it will be hectic work but it is very important to sell your items on online marketplaces because you will have an idea of price, features that customers are looking for in similar items. Hence it is very important to do market research so you can have highest and lowest price for the similar item and then you can decide to price your item according to. You can take average of highest and lowest price or you can go for lowest price to attract customers.

Moreover you will have market knowledge about the items you want to sell online. You will have information on features that people looking in similar items and also about the brands for same items which are more popular.
Doing market research will teach you key words for searching similar items and hence you cam market your items well using has-tags.

2. Be Honest

“Honesty is the best policy”- it’s true. If you are honest in any field, you will remain trustful for co-workers and bosses. It same in marketing or selling your items online because if you lists exact pictures of your items, even if your item has little dent, if have covered that dent in your pictures which means you have shown honesty and if you shown positive attitude in writing description for same item then it will be definitely sold online. People will have trust on you and in future you can gain more business from same customers for that trust that to because of you are honest.

3. Plan Shipping Options

It is very important for new sellers to plan shipping options before listing items online because sometimes even big sellers online don’t do profits on selling items due to higher shipping rates and in worse case they even have to bare loss due to same hence it is very important to plan shipping options and if possible try to sell items in your locality so the shipping cost will be minimal.

4. Be Patient

‘Be patient’ is the main key for any business men because even for big businesses online, selling items is not easy and they have to wait for long to sell their products hence if you are just beginner in this field, you have to be patient because if you have just listed your items, it doesn’t mean that it will be sold in a week, may be if you are lucky it might happen and your item could be sold within a day but you should not get carried from that and be more practical that same product could be sold after a month or two after listing.

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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

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